Robert Monroe: The End Game

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Just finished a re-reading of Monroe's 2nd book, Far Journeys, published in 1985.

It's a very validating read for what I feel I've gathered about the afterlife and explanations behind the human experience, etc.

Really interesting book that covers the years after 1971 and the publication of the first book, which involves Monroe setting up the institute in Virginia and the team of OBE experimenters (including Tom Campbell that I recognize being quoted here among others as "TC") and the development and growth of the massive knowledge gained about HTSI (Human Time-Space Illusion) and NPR (nonphysical reality). It really dwarfs what you get out of the first book and still feels completely fresh after all this time.

Anyway, the whole book I see is available to read online, and I'd recommend the "End Game" epilogue, starting at page 238, for those interested in an overview of What It's All About according to the author and his colleagues' outer realms travels and communications.
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Monroe's books are some of the best I've ever read. Thanks for reposting this excerpt.
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