Rob & Trish MacGregor: synchronicity and precognition

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I can't vouch for this interview because I haven't listened to it (yet), but these are the authors of a recent enough book called Sensing the Future. They're not scientists but professional writers for 30 years for have published a lot of books about synchronicity and other topics.

Here's an interview:

Quote:When it comes to researching the "bizarre" and mysterious world of synchronicity and precognition, look no further than the work of Trish and Rob MacGregor, authors of the new book, Sensing the Future - How to Tap Into Your Intuition and Read Signs From the Universe to Predict What's to Come. Rob and Trish share a multitude of "out of this world" stories of those who glimpsed the future and in many cases, changed their entire lives. We also discuss the untimely demise of some musicians who foretold their deaths through their own lyrics. Are we simply glimpsing the future or literally creating it? If you've ever asked this question, then this episode is for you!

Dr. Beitman (coincidences, synchronicity) also interviewed them:

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