Poltergeist in Kenya?

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From The Fortean:

The Ghost With Handcuffs

Quote:A recent report in The Nairobian suggests that a poltergeist is tormenting a family in Miguye village, Kisumu County in south-eastern Kenya.

Concerned father Cosmas Akumba told reporter Mactilda Mbenywe that the strange events had continued at the house for over eight years. Cosmas said household items had been disappearing, mysterious fires had broken out and ‘a ghost would handcuff his children at night’, all actions straight out of the traditional poltergeist playbook – except maybe for the handcuffs part.
[Image: CapturFiles_1.jpg?resize=746%2C480&ssl=1]
“Things would disappear from the house, only to resurface days later. Last month, we were all shocked when we woke up to find my two kids handcuffed. When we tried to inquire from them, they couldnʼt explain what had happened,” he said.

“Mysterious fires broke out in my two houses. What is strange is that it all happened at the same time. It is also shocking that the fires only burnt the mattresses and blankets. Nobody had lit the fires,” he claimed.
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