Pesky Scotsmen encounter UFOs

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This one's for Steve (aka Stan).

Scotland's greatest UFO mysteries: Is the truth out there?

Susan Swarbrick Columnist and Senior Features Writer

Quote:AHEAD of the Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference 2018 in Glasgow next weekend (July 28), we recount some of the most intriguing unexplained cases of flying saucers, strange lights in the sky and alleged alien abductions.

West Lothian: The Livingston Incident

Forestry worker Robert Taylor found himself at the centre of one of Scotland's most famous UFO mysteries when he stumbled across a "a huge flying dome" in a woodland clearing near Dechmont Law in Livingston on November 9, 1979.

Taylor was checking the progress of new saplings when he saw what he described as a large, circular sphere approximately seven yards (6.4 metres) in diameter, hovering above the forest floor.

Here's something I found on youtube about this incident:

Here's a vid for the second incident related in the article, the Falkirk Triangle:

Here's one for the 4th, the A70 Abudction:


Quote:Why does Scotland have such a rich history in supernatural tales and paranormal experiences?
I wish I had an answer to that. People talk about Bonnybridge being the UFO capital of the world. We have some of the most famous monsters in the world at Loch Ness and Loch Morar. It is hard to explain precisely why this happens.

If I come back to this idea of opening up a window into different dimensions, then perhaps for some reason Scotland has a particular interaction and connection with other worlds.
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Thanks Ian, I hadn’t seen your post until now.

Is there is a correlation between a country’s alcohol consumption and UFO’s?  LOL
Oh my God, I hate all this.   Surprise
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