Kastrup, Hoffman & Spira on Consciousness

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This video consists of highlight of three separate interviews by the same guy. 

I like hearing all three, with Spira being the one that is the most practical of them for explaining things to me, in a way I can follow more so than with either of the other two. I’m getting slightly bored with hearing Bernardo’s descriptions, Hoffman is the more science based of the three imo. 

One thing from Spira’s ammunition warehouse that I think really clicks with me and ‘idealism’ is ‘dreaming’. Personally I can’t recall having had any ‘realistic’ dreams of the sort others report, but I do get some sense of how this idea (our life) may work, through my own dreaming experiences. How easily we go from being involved emotionally in a dream one minute, but it melting away a short time later after we wake. If these events were somehow to be made slightly more like our waking life, so that they become less easy to tell them apart, how would we know which was which? All these bits of evidence that vibe with me somehow add to the huge worldview jigsaw that I form and that makes me feel better, motivated!

My jigsaw on life is very far from being completed, it is perhaps barely started, but isn’t the joy of looking for parts that fit (ie the now) maybe even better than looking at a finished puzzle?

In fact I enjoy life’s big ‘puzzle’s’ far more than I do any real jigsaw puzzle. It is a large driving force in my life. 

Oh my God, I hate all this.   Surprise
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