Jeremy Corbell: US military fired on jellyfish-like UFO

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August 8, 2022

US military recently fired on a jellyfish-like UFO

Quote:UFO researcher Jeremy Corbell, known for previously posting a video of a pyramidal UFO hovering next to a US Navy ship, said the US military recently fired on a jellyfish-like UFO.

Corbell also reported that the number of UFO sightings in “war zone areas” has increased dramatically since 2021. These are places where US Navy ships, including aircraft carriers, conduct military exercises. (...)

“We see other countries shooting at UAPs (as UFOs are now officially called by the US Department of Defense). Russia does it, Syria – so we know that these are not their assets. So the question is who is it?

“I have images of one of these objects. It looks like a jellyfish. It is about the size of a large coffee table – about 10-12 feet (3-3.6 meters). This facility was domed and had recently come under fire (by the US military),” Corbell said.

He said this his latest appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, available on Spotify (which I don't have).

Here's what seems to be a recent interview with Corbell on an Australian news show:
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That's an excellent presentation by Corbell of what he's learned (and how Skeptical challenges are absurd), if I may say so.
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Re some of the talk of gravitational propulsion systems in that Seven News report, I wonder whether this is at all related to those sort of systems, and whether we are natively fumbling our way towards them via discoveries such as this (which I fully admit I don't understand in anything but the vaguest of terms):

Curved-space robot defies known laws of physics, heralding new locomotive technology possibilities by Evrim Yazgin on 10 August 2022 in Cosmos.

Quote:A robot engineered at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) has done the unthinkable and flouted a steadfast law of motion, suggesting that new laws need to be defined. Such new principles may have applications in new forms of locomotion without propellants.

Quote:Newton’s third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, when a human takes a step, we push against the Earth and the Earth pushes back, propelling us forward. But this only works thanks to friction. Without friction (or with minimal friction, for example, when there is a slimy banana peel on the ground) there is no push – we just slide straight over the ground and can’t move forward, falling unceremoniously back to Earth.

The same is true of all locomotion. Rockets, for example, eject massive amounts of matter at high speed to push themselves in the opposite direction. Animals in the sea and air push against water and atmosphere respectively. There is always a push to move.

But the Georgia Tech robot has bypassed this need for a thrust in order to change momentum. It does this by making use of curved space.
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