Interesting Prophetic Visions from some of Kenneth Ring's NDE accounts

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After listening to a podcast, I became aware that Kenneth Ring had numerous accounts reported to him about PV's or prophetic visions, and some specified dates, such as the world ending in 1988. I never heard of these accounts, so i did a search and found the following article :

Just curious on people's takes? Kenneth does a good job of exploring some of the potential interpretations of the visions, but just curious what some of your thoughts are....
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I remember in the early 1980s reading a lot of different suggestions of imminent changes, such as shifting of the poles, volcanoes, earthquakes and submerging of large areas of land. Probably the source was something like the examples in the above article, though I don't recall any particular names. One thing which struck me at the time was a magazine article which advised that no-one should move to live near the coast. It happened that shortly after that in 1981 I found myself moving to a town by the sea. I took a lot of this stuff quite literally, though I also had a "wait and see" attitude, the confirmation or otherwise would come quite easily. Any predictions which give precise dates are easily verified when that date arrives - or usually shown to be mistaken.

It's a difficult subject because it seems some people's NDEs do accurately foresee events in that person's own life, such as a surprising change of career or visions of as-yet-unborn children. In that respect the accounts seem too accurate to be simply dismissed. The story of Tony Kofi is an example here:

But the predictions of global events - almost always of catastrophe followed by a golden age, they seem somehow universal, and probably dating back centuries similar sorts of visions were received. Maybe they are to an extent symbolic, an earthquake represents some sort of irresistible change, and different peoples at different times throughout history have indeed experienced many such changes, but not simply of earthquakes and volcanoes, but of changes affecting human populations. Rapid uncontrollable changes in a way of life tend to be experienced as a catastrophe, and cause further upheavals. I'm speaking in generalities here, things which can apply in any era.

As for the year 1988, well in Europe there were dramatic changes occurring during the years following that date. Perhaps the expressions of geological changes make more sense as symbolising changes in human society. However - that is being wise with the benefit of hindsight. If some other year than 1988 had been the focus, one could probably find dramatic events going on somewhere in the world.

There are a couple of other unrelated but perhaps relevant things I wanted to mention.

One is an NDE I recall reading about, though I don't know where. The person involved was outside a house and collapsed with either a heart problem or maybe even a lightning strike. During the NDE the person observed the scene from outside their body and then went inside the house. The interior was unfamiliar and completely different to reality. It was as though the house was being seen as it was a hundred or more years earlier, with different furnishings and so on. Yet it was clearly the same building - a strange mix of correspondence with everyday reality and perhaps a time-slip.

The other thing I thought of was a deliberate experiment involving travelling out of the body. One person had pinned a note to a particular notice-board and the OBE-er was supposed to attempt to travel there in astral form and try to read the note. Afterwards he reported back that there were many notes on the board and he didn't know which one was the intended target. The fact was there had been just a single note with two or three words on it. The rest of the board was empty. A suggested explanation for this discrepancy was that there had previously been various other notices on the board, which had left some sort of emotional or psychic imprint, even after the physical note had been removed. Whether this is a valid explanation or not I don't know.
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