Helmut Gombocz' Near-Death Experience

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I don't know which section this belongs in, it seems more of a life story or biography than just an NDE account.

This is an account I selected somewhat at random - yet maybe not.
There were a couple of things I recognised and connected with. One, Helmut describes being very small, 'like a pea' or just a dot. (About 9 minutes in the video below) That is something which happened to me very briefly, forty years ago.

Secondly, a rejoinder to something I posted on this forum just yesterday:
(2023-10-18, 05:22 PM)Typoz Wrote: Do these things go in cycles, I wonder?
I think after the end of the First World War with huge losses of life at a young age, there was a resurgence of interest in there being more to existence than just this physical world, as people wondered what had happened to those fallen soldiers who did not return.

After the Second World War,
(from the video below, about 24 minutes)
Thanatos TV Wrote:Interviewer:
Were you able to talk about your experiences later on as a child or teenager? Did you even want to?

Helmut Gombocz:
That’s an interesting question. I was not able to. Back then, during the post-war era, people had other things on their minds. Men were looking for work and women had to feed their children.

If I had opened up about my experience, they’d probably have taken me who knows where. That was impossible.

Moreover, such knowledge about near-death experience didn’t exist back then. Only the pastor at the church talked about life and death, because "death" was a taboo topic.

Who wants to talk about death anyway after war? People returned with amputated legs and arms. Who would want to talk about death then? It was time to live again. That was at least my perception as a child.

"The Darkness Turned to Beaming Light“ | Helmut Gombocz' Near-Death Experience
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