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25 years ago the BBC created a stir by transmitting a drama in the form of a live broadcast about a haunted house - based on the Enfield poltergeist - which some viewers apparently thought was a real live broadcast. The subsequent suicide of a teenage boy was blamed on the programme. The BBC website has an article about the furore here:

The article says the concept of the programme was years ahead of its time. Presumably that means the concept of drama dressed up to look like a live broadcast. Certainly there wasn't anything new about live broadcasts from haunted houses - Harry Price did one on the radio in 1936, and H. R. Wakefield used the idea for a ghost story, "Ghost Hunt", twelve years later. Wakefield's story can be read here:
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Here it is - in 3 parts.

Ghost Watch pt 1

Ghost Watch pt 2

Ghost Watch pt3

(2017-11-01, 09:58 PM)Pollux Wrote:
Here it is - in 3 parts.

Thanks. But probably not the best bedtime viewing. The sound those starving cats made ...
(2017-11-01, 09:30 PM)Pssst Wrote:

Indeed - nothing is new under the Sun. Funnily enough that was a Halloween broadcast, just like Ghostwatch.

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