Fourth dream experience I had

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I want to assume naturalistic explanations for it beforehand because people are grieving right now. With one of my last dream experiences I posted too, I never pursued the man that the dream told me had a crush on me. 

In the Idealism discord server I'm in, one of our moderators just ended their life on Sunday I believe. Around 12 hours after he gave his final goodbyes on Discord, I had what felt like an ADC dream. It was him turning into a fruit and being smashed by a sledgehammer by one of our other moderators. I had known he was planning to do it for several months prior but I was grieving a lot.

A lot of the details of the dream were corroborated by other mods who knew him. There were a lot of details that matched up to things I did not know. I felt also weirdly blissful and no longer grieving when I woke up. Like pure joy for him. And in the dream he seemed so happy to be squashed.

I want to assume the materialist explanation, that this is just my subconscious. But it was a very interesting dream for the time. I will be agnostic on.
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