Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Cognitive Evolutionary Perspective

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A paper just published in the Journal of Astrobiology by professors Gordon G. Gallup, Jr. and Hesper E. Faliveno.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Cognitive Evolutionary Perspective

The paper is available to read for free.

Quote:We  evaluate  claims  for  extraterrestrial  intelligence  based  on  the  logic  behind  assertions  such  as  the
absence  of  evidence  is  not  evidence  of  absence.  To  assess  intelligence  elsewhere  in  the  universe  we
outline  two  of  the  principle  scientific  claims  for  intelligence  on  Earth.  One  involves  the  idea  that
intelligence involves working out the reasons for our own existence. The other involves self-awareness
and the  capacity  to  make  inferences  about what  others  know,  want,  or intend  to  do.  The  famous quote
from  Rene  Descartes  “I  think;  therefore,  I  am”  needs  to  be  revised  to  read  “I  am;  therefore,  I think.”
Some of the conclusions we derive  about intelligence include  the idea that most species on planet  Earth
have clever brains but blank minds (no self-consciousness); humans are the only species where what you
know could  get  you  killed; if  humans  become  extinct it  is  highly  unlikely that  human-like  intelligence
will  re-emerge  on  this  planet  and  the  odds  of  human-like  intelligence  evolving  on  other  worlds  is
infinitely small. However, if intelligence exists elsewhere in the universe it may  not have revealed itself
because humans are dangerous and are perceived as posing too great a risk.

Quote:Over a decade ago the famous astrophysicist, Professor Stephen Hawking raised and popularized
concerns about the dangers posed by intelligent and hostile extraterrestrials who might arrive to conquer,
enslave, destroy, and colonize humans to exploit the resources of our planet having exhausted those of
their own. According to Hawking the outcome might be analogous to when Columbus came to America
which did not turn out well for Native Americans.

Another way to think about intelligent life elsewhere is that if it exists it may have found us by
now and discovered that humans are dangerous, violent and ceaselessly engage in endless bloody
conflicts and war, and continually develop even more powerful weapons of mass destruction. It would
also be obvious, that as a byproduct of increasing pollution, habitat destruction, coupled with endless
wars, pillage, death, destruction and the desire for conquest, that humans pose an unparalleled and
unprecedented risk not only to other life forms on Earth but to life on other planets.
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Quote:the  odds  of  human-like  intelligence  evolving  on  other  worlds  is infinitely small

Speaking of infinity is precarious, to me that is overstating our ability to know something which is effectively unknown.
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