Exorcisms: 'We lived in Britain's most exorcised home'

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A little snippet from BBC news

Exorcisms: 'We lived in Britain's most exorcised home'

Quote:A woman who lived in the house with the most exorcisms in British history has recalled the spooky events that made her leave.

Liz Rich and her husband Bill moved into a remote farmhouse in the Brecon Beacons in 1989, which they thought would be their dream home.

I guess this report and brief video was published in keeping with Halloween. A bit more detail would be useful; I haven't tried to research it further.
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I was surprised to find there is a lot more information available.

There's a written account here,

Quote:n 1989, Bill and Liz Rich moved to a quaint, remote farmhouse in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons of Wales, along with Bill’s teenaged son from a former marriage, Laurence. Called Heol Fanog farm, later to be known as Hellfire Farm, it was a place of serene scenery, rolling green hills, and open spaces, an idyllic location to start a new life and raise a family, with them eventually having two children together there, Rebecca and Ben. Bill, an artist, was very successful at the time, so when they moved in they had high hopes for the future and things were looking good, but things would soon devolve into a storm of strange paranormal happenings that would put them under siege by nefarious supernatural forces, shake them to the core, and change their lives forever.

There is also an ongoing BBC drama/documentary series available to listen online or download, more episodes will be available in coming days.

There was also 'True Horror', a Channel 4 TV programme.

Plus a book by Mark Chadbourn, Testimony.

Quote:I want to tell you a true story. About ghosts, and things more terrifying than ghosts. I‘m a journalist, fully rooted in the real world. I write about foreign affairs and politics, economics, the arts, science, health, archaeology. Reality and evidence-based. Remember that.

Half of all Americans now believe they live or have lived in a haunted house. Researchers attribute a rapidly increasing belief in the supernatural to the rise of paranormal-related media and a decline in religious affiliation.

I wrote my only non-fiction book Testimony about the most supernaturally-afflicted house in the UK after coming across a newspaper report where a home was experiencing massive energy bills as if the power was being drained away. The owner mentioned in passing some supernatural element which got me interested.
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