Dreams and Visions of the Dying by Thanatos TV

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Thanatos TV is probably one of my new favourite recently discovered youtube channels talking about near death and NDE phenomena. Good interviews, neutral perspective and this video in particular features one of my favourite speakers, Dr Christopher Kerr who is a hospice doctor who's done interviews about deathbed visions with terminal patients. 

Must admit this one made me tear up quite a bit. The experiences are very beautiful and it's something that can be appreciated whether you believe they're authentic or not. All too often it can feel like people get caught up on things like the survival hypothesis and NDEs and they miss the process leading up to death as well. The fact that these are experiences real people are lucky to have, that they take what might be a frightening and isolating experience and turn it into one of peace and acceptance is incredible to think about. 

It's my hope that one day in our lifetimes these experiences will become well known enough to be taken seriously, regardless of their implications, and can be allowed to flourish with the powerful effects they have being recognized. Wether spiritual or conventional these are fundamental parts of the human experience and it's crazy that they might be ignored of brushed off by some medical professionals.
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