Bizarre UFO Encounters Along the Roads of South Australia

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Bizarre UFO Encounters Along the Roads of South Australia

Brent Swancer

Quote:Our earliest report here comes from the files of UFO Research South Australia (UFORSA), in the year 1955, near the town of Tintinara. On April 22 of that year, a young, unnamed man was driving along a dusty rural road at around 7:45 a.m. when he was startles to see something hover across the road in front of him. He would describe it as a “three metre diameter silvery sphere, surrounded by a flange,” with a total diameter of around 10 meters. According to the witness there were no external portholes or markings, the entire thing completely smooth and metallic. The object crossed over the road, hovering about 1 meter above it, after which it circled around and crossed behind the vehicle before taking a parallel course beside it, matching the speed of the astonished man’s car. The mysterious object reportedly followed him for about 25 kilometers before it either lost interest or found something better to do, launching straight up into the sky at phenomenal speeds...

Quote:...In July of 1967, a witness was driving near Murray Bridge on his way to Karoonda through thick fog when his radio began to go haywire, distorting and morphing until it became an ear-piercing, high pitched whine, causing him to turn it off. Shortly after this, his engine died for no apparent reason and a warning light came on telling him his key was not in the ignition, even though it was. As the car rolled to a stop he noticed a patch of fog suddenly clear to reveal a “large dark shadow” about 120 feet wide and with a greyish-blue glow above it hovering 20 feet above the road. As he looked on in amazement, the hole in the fog suddenly closed again, making it appear as if the enigmatic object had just vanished into thin air. As soon as it was gone, his car jumped back to life and the radio worked normally...

Quote:...These are just some of the many other UFO reports from the remote and desolate roads that meander through South Australia, and indeed the region in general has gathered about itself a reputation as a UFO mecca. Why should this be? What is it about this place that should attract so many such stories? Is it something about the land itself? There have been theories that this place lies upon some sort of earth energy line, or that it possesses certain geographical features that may attract such strange forces, so could that be it? Why are they so keen to patrol the roadways here and terrorize vehicles? No one really knows, and South Australia remains a pretty active and strange UFO hotspot, where it might be best to keep your eyes to the sky the next time you are driving through.
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