An irrefutable proof (UFO? Winged craft or being?)

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I'm only bringing this to your attention because I know that some of you are very interested in the phenomenon. My friend, Carlos Mendes (a physicist) captured this object(s) on his camera in the afternoon sky in Brazil and it is remarkable ! Even I can see that (and I know nothing of any merit about UFO's, whatever they are or are not).

Carlos is meticulous and absolutely genuine and reliable (So 100% no chance it's a hoax). I would recommend those that pay attention to this phenomenon to check this out (you'll enjoy it)  if you wish but please don't waste your time asking me anything, because I don't know. 

OVNI? SER ALADO? – Uma prova incontestável | UFO? WINGED BEING? - An irrefutable proof - YouTube
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Until I saw the actual object, I was nearly convinced that this was just a couple of seagulls and the magnifications were making them look more dramatic than deserved.  I found it hard to watch because of the volume of technical information but I continued.  The presentation was meticulous as I would expect from a scientist and I'm glad I continued watching.  This is certainly something out of the ordinary.  Thank you for posting Tim.
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