A new attempted synthesis of spirituality and UFO/UAP phenomena

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I found this way off in space interview by chance and was somewhat intrigued - here are two enthusiasts who combine expertise in the study of near death and other paranormal experiences indicative of survival and an afterlife (Nick Cook, who was one of the prize winners in the Bigelow afterlife essay contest (no small honor), and has also studied the UFO phenomenon including the nuts and bolts crashed vehicles subject and the woo), and artist Tristan Maduro who creates interesting visual representations of a visceral experience of an expanded reality encorporating both spirituality and UFO phenomena. They have been influenced by Jacques Vallee.

Though some of this discourse is more vague and ambiguous word salad than logical explication, I found it very interesting and I think a unique synthesis of two apparently disparate subjects to show that they have much common ground. I myself have not found too much common connection - after all, on the surface the nitty gritty physical reality of crashed UFO vehicles and NHI bodies have little relation to spirituality and NDEs, but it seems I might need to think again on this. 

Neon Galactic with interviewer James Faulk: Episode 18 - Nick Cook and Tristan Maduro


"Nov 9, 2023  #afterlife #uap #consciousness
In this episode of Neon Galactic, we sit down with best-selling author Nick Cook and artist Tristan Maduro to talk about the nature of reality and the intersection between UFOs and consciousness.

As Nick and Tristan elucidate here, what we see all around us may well be a construct built by all our collected minds to enable survival and growth.

Cook is the author of two books under discussion, “The Hunt for Zero Point,” and “The Grid,” both of which deal with aspects of the UFO phenomenon and the related mechanics of its manifestations. He is also the author of an award-winning essay for the contest put on by the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies.

Tristan’s art elegantly communicates much of the same information as in Cook’s essay, and offers a visceral visual experience of this expanded reality.

The three of us discuss the fact that many different thinkers from as many different directions are all converging on the idea that we are part of a web of consciousness, the primal baseline reality that is outside human perception. 

For decades, Nick was a writer and ultimately the aviation editor for Jane’s Defence Weekly, a trade publication dealing with the highly secretive world of military technology.

This expertise, coupled with a more recent turn toward the study of consciousness, uniquely equips Nick to marry the polarities of the ufological debate – nuts and bolts research and the woo, or metaphysical and ontological approach that seems to have a lot in common with spirituality.

Tristan, meanwhile, is a father of four and a visual artist whose transformative experience on dimethyltryptamine or DMT led to a broadened and mystical understanding of existence.

Nick Cook's books: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Nick-Cook/...abled=true

His BICS essay is here:


Read the Ray Boesche document outlining the concern of “The Writers,” or government insiders, over the phenomenon and psychotronics:

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