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The Science & Mysticism of Dreams [Resources]
Psychologist Patrick McNamara on the science of dreams.

I love that in his study of dreams he's come to realize that something interesting is going on with precognitive dreams that is worth investigating. The commonality of certain recurring characters in one person's nightmares, as well as this nightmare figure sharing characteristics with others is interesting.
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A Guide to the Sleep and Dream Database

Quote:Intended for newcomers to dream research, this guide offers an introduction to thefunctions of the Sleep and Dream Database (SDDb), an open-access digital archive thatincludes tens of thousands of dream reports, along with survey data about sleep,dreaming, and demographic variables. Readers are shown how to use the SurveyAnalysis and Word Searching functions of the SDDb to study a variety of questionsabout dreaming. The topics discussed here as illustrations include gender and agevariables in dream recall; differences between men and women in the frequency of fearin their dreams; and the meaningful patterns of content in a woman’s long-term dream journal
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