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Telekinesis Experiments
Good day all!

One day, whilst browsing for information on Telekinesis (TK), I came across a fellow named Sean McNamara who had some interesting videos to show people on the subject.

If you have a look at his channel, he has some quite fascinating demonstrations of TK. 

So, being inspired and also sceptical, I gave it a go. I rigged up a rubber (an eraser for you American folks  Wink ) at the bottom, a paper clip bent straight and inserted into the top of the rubber, and a very small piece of paper folded in half and balanced on top of the paperclip. Also, a glass was placed over this setup to prevent any air movement. This was all placed on a wooden table.

My method was to concentrate on the piece of paper and to have the intention of moving it, somehow. Not much happened for a few days, although it was quite a calming experience in the meantime as it was a bit meditative too. One day, my friend came in to where I was doing this and it was around 11 PM. He is of the 'spiritual' type, being aware of subtle energies and the like, so was curious as to what I was doing. I explained honestly that I was experimenting with TK and he seemed neutral about that fact, so he asked if he could give it a go himself. 

He sat down where I was sitting and I sat down next to him. We both had the intention to move the piece of paper. About 5 minutes went by and nothing happened. As I was quite tired, I was going to bed at this point, so I stood up and wished him good luck as he seemed fascinated by it and wanted to continue. I said something along the lines of " Oh I give up, I'm going to bed now Mr Paper!", in part jest at the absurdity of the experiment and low and behold - the piece of paper spun on its own. 

It spun quite rapidly around 2-3 revolutions. We both looked at each other in amazement and quickly went about asking if each other had just seen that! I tried to find out what could have caused it, so I shook the table it was on and it did not cause that kind of spin. I tried to wave my hand around it to create air movement (even though there was a glass over it....) and it did not cause the same spin. I thought that maybe by 'giving up' that it caused a release of some kind of 'psychic' tension and that this was what caused it to spin, so I tried that again. I did not work.

Whatever it was, I couldn't find an immediate and obvious physical causation. The room temperature was stable at around 18-21 C. I had performed this experiment before, in total for around perhaps an hour, and never witnessed this type of spin, so I figured that probably, it had a low likelihood of it being a temperature related movement. 

In the end, I'm not a scientist. I don't know what caused this. What I found fascinating was that exactly as I was about to leave the room and had said good night (literally) to the piece of paper, that it spun. I tried repeating that chain of events and could not replicate it. I haven't really bothered to do it since, but it certainly left me a little spooked in the weeks afterwards and caused me to spend days researching the scientific studies for PSI. I honestly became a little ungrounded too, so that is part of why I stopped as it left me unbalanced. I know that is also a part of the phenomenon, people losing their minds over this stuff, which is fascinating in and of itself, albiet unfortunate! 


Anyway, anyone else have any personal experience with this 'stuff'?
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These videos are from my blog. They are not presented as proof. They are intended to show what I did so readers can try to do it themselves. The videos are low resulution and short because at the time I had dialup internet access and it was not practical to upload long videos. The last video shows that a jar can be "magnetized" to move the psi-wheel. 

Using a Psi Wheel to Practice Spiritual Healing

Science cannot Explain why a Psi Wheel Turns

Quote:When I place my hand near the edge of a table as if I was turning a psi-wheel but without a psi-wheel near it, and I hold a burning stick of incense below the edge of the table, the smoke rises smoothly without any indications of horizontal air flow. If the hand could produce a convection current with enough of a horizontal component to turn an homemade psi-wheel, it should easily influence the much lighter particles of smoke. I know that slight air currents can influence the smoke from the incense because if I then place an Egely wheel near my hand, its turning creates air currents that do influence the smoke.
When turning a home made psi-wheel for several minutes by placing my hand near it, I often feel a snapping sensation in my hand and sometimes I can feel the vane on the wheel as it passes my hand even though it does not touch my hand. Others have also reported the snapping sensation. This is evidence there is an unknown phenomenon occurring that has nothing to do with heat convection.

Objects That Contain Healing Power

The first gulp from the glass of science will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you - Werner Heisenberg. (More at my Blog & Website)
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(08-14-2017, 08:17 AM)diverdown Wrote: So, being inspired and also sceptical, I gave it a go. I rigged up a rubber (an eraser for you American folks  Wink ) at the bottom, a paper clip bent straight and inserted into the top of the rubber, and a very small piece of paper folded in half and balanced on top of the paperclip. Also, a glass was placed over this setup to prevent any air movement. This was all placed on a wooden table.

Thanks for the intriguing account of your experiences.

Just one comment on the setup. I agree with placing a glass over the whole thing to cut out ordinary air movement. On the other hand I think it is usual to use a needle rather than a paper clip, the idea being that the very sharp point reduces friction at the bearing where the foil or paper rests on it.

Actually I tried this myself without success, but I don't discount it. I've compared it with attempting to have an out-of-body experience (or astral projection as it's sometimes known). That was something which I tried, with no results. Until eventually it did happen, spontaneously. Practising definitely was important, and was what led to the results - but the results may arrive when not expected. Perhaps it's a combination of both intense concentration and casual disregard, which seem like opposites but may be needed.
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I have this memory of when I was a kid making a compass needle move by moving my hands around it kind of like in those old rooskie experiments, lol. However i cannot be sure that it isn't some false memory of mine!

The whole, 'things happen when you stop focusing' by getting distracted or turning your thoughts to other things has been noticed by experimenters in all manners of psi experiments since the beginning.

Telekinesis via poltergeist happenings is fascinating. If one were to be absolutely certain ... a proven fact,,, that in all the claims made by witnesses in
all of history, an object moved by its own accord without any known agency, then physics has A LOT to answer for.
Probably a good reason why these things are shunned by science in the first place. In fact, I'd bet there are a good number of scientists who would admit to those kind of events happening, but to them, their models, their measurements, those are considered outliers and tossed aside as having no impact on current theory and technology
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