Poll: Should conspiracy theory and political discussions be permitted on the Psience Quest forums in some form (to be decided by a later poll), ranging from "Unrestrictedly" to "Only in opt-in forums"?
This poll is closed.
19 57.58%
3 9.09%
Only those closely related to the core Psience Quest topics
11 33.33%
Total 33 vote(s) 100%
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Should conspiracy theory / political discussion be allowed on this forum?
This thread is closed to replies, it is for voting only: if you want to discuss this issue/poll, please do so in the thread, The question of political / conspiracy theory content. I'm setting things up this way not to be a petty dictator but to keep the relevant discussion in a single thread, to make it easier for folks to follow.

Edit: it seems that closing the thread to replies disables the poll, so I have reopened the thread - please, though, keep your comments on this poll to the thread linked to above.

Edit2: voting has been made anonymous. Nobody (with the exception of admins) will be able to see which way you voted.

Edit3: Unless anybody objects, we'll call the result a week after this poll was started (i.e. a week after whichever date you see for this post, hopefully given that you have set your timezone in the control panel). We will, however, leave the poll open indefinitely after that to see if/how the results change over time.
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The poll's result has been called in the main thread. Voting will though be left open perpetually as indicated in the third edit above.

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