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Hello all.
Glad to be here. I had a very very brief stint on the skeptiko forums. 

You all have a lot to teach me. Hopefully, it will be reciprocated.
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Welcome. Very much appreciated your posts on Skeptiko. It's good to have you on board. I notice you mentioned on Skeptiko that you were working as a grad student in a lab - where are you at with your studies these days?
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Thanks, Laird.

Graduated from the lab, now working at a cancer research center. Have some hunches about how research on topics such as these could help us.

I do have a few types of questions that I will hopefully disseminate eventually. If topics regarding these already exist, will try to respond:

For example, are there insights from NDE/OBE/ other phenomena that could help us with medicine? If so, where are they? Maybe the answers are already out there somewhere. If not, why is that the case? Is the world not ready for better and more certain health treatments? Perhaps it is best in our (humanity) current state not to let us treat all of our illnesses. We wouldn't want an immortal Kim Jong Un, for example (one would think, anyways..).

Regarding our past, there is the mainstream history that has been developed by scholars. But sometimes, we get 'alternative' theories that could arise from phenomena. How do these fit together? Some of the claims can be quite outlandish at times.

Regarding our future, sometimes people come back with terrible catastrophes which may happen if people do not change their ways. Others talk about the destiny of humanity that they will attain in the future. Are these for real? Metaphorical? What about when they do not agree (e.g. one NDE'r says there won't be WW3, another says that WW3 is likely if we don't change our ways)

There seems to be too much evidence here to throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak. But, like most things in life, it is not always clear-cut.
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