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Forum rules and guidelines (please read before posting)
These are the rules and guidelines that have now been set up for the forum. Nothing is set in stone and there may be more forthcoming, although the intention is to keep rules to a minimum. Input from members is welcome in the Forum Rules and Guidelines Discussion thread.

Basic rule: respect. Like most forums, we're asking that people try to be respectful of one another (or pretend to be!), even in the case of violent disagreement with another member's views. Heated debate is welcome, but not personal attacks.

Defamatory remarks and personal slurs: Are strongly discouraged, whether the subject is a forum member or not, however they will not be policed by moderators unless they are extremely grievious or offensive, e.g., unsubstantiated accusations of paedophilia or other sex crimes. In particular, accusations of fraud or incompetence against researchers are tolerated in the interests of furthering critical debate. Members should feel free to call out themselves defamation and slurs for which moderators do not take action.

Forum organizers and administrators. This forum was set up by ten founders (two of whom have since dropped out of the decision-making team), who retain final decision-making power. Currently, six of them are active forum administrators. Not all of the administrators are necessarily interested in moderation, and so only the administrators who are also moderators will have the “administrator” status displayed under their names.

Please note that no one should be hesitant to challenge administrators, either on their moderation or while responding to their posts as participants. The administrators are particularly sensitive and dedicated to the idea of creating a forum experience that is tolerant, community-focused and not repressive in any way, and so will/should be extremely open to challenges to their decisions or posts. (We do not see our role as police officers ever ready to hand out tickets.)

Moderation policy. The moderation policy’s details have not been decided upon yet. But the spirit agreed upon is to keep moderation as low-key and as unintrusive as possible. Thus we rely partly on the goodwill and collaboration of all the forum participants. Bannings will not be considered an option unless all other means fail (with the exception of members joining for the main purpose of trolling).

Content will certainly not be moderated in terms of its perceived truth value.

The skeptic/proponent divide question. This forum is open to both proponents and those who are traditionally called "skeptics". Said skeptics are allowed to participate on all the forums and sub-forums. However, when an individual does not accept the anomalous nature of any of the various phenomena in the Extended Consciousness Phenomena (ECP) forum, and when the intent is strictly to "debunk", that type of post should be reserved for the Skeptic vs Proponent Discussions sub-forum (or at least kept out of the ECP forum), so that proponents can have space to have discussions that extend beyond the "is it real or not real?" variety without unwanted and derailing interventions.

To be a bit more specific: in general, if a skeptic wants to engage a discussion at a “proponent vs. skeptic level”, then it would be better to do so in the Skeptic vs. Proponent Discussions sub-forum. Again, that does not mean "skeptics" cannot post on the ECP forum, for example to discuss a specific case or article, but not if the discussion's objective - let's say it's about NDEs - is to argue from there that extended consciousness is not involved in NDEs in the first place. That kind of post would best be suited to the Skeptic vs. Proponent Discussions sub-forum.

Non-psi-related conspiracy theories and political topics. Discussions about politics and conspiracy theories that are not directly related to psi phenomena (including UFOs and other sub-forum topics) should be confined to the hidden child forums within the Other Topics sub-forum. See here on how to join those child forums. Note that in these forums, moderators will not police defamatory remarks and personal slurs at all, for two reasons: (1) the forums are private, and, (2) the nature of these forums is in part to criticise public figures, and to police such criticism would be to frustrate the discussions.
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Forum rules updated.
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