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Exile From Groupthink
I'm a geezer. Yes, my humor strays very easily towards sarcasm. I hope this forum takes off. I hope this forum stays away from politics or politicized topics because that is asking for trouble. I kicked skeptiko forum to the curb because not kowtowing to its politics gets you labeled as a troublemaker or troll. And I hate that because then you're essentially calling me a liar... and no one likes being called that... because I don't troll, nor do I purposely try to piss anyone off.

I do speak as if I was in a room hanging out with a group of friends who enjoy giving each other the business and having a good laugh doing it. Admittedly, it gets me in trouble in forums that have sticks up their asses. Dodgy

I play guitar, I mow the lawn, I drive a car. Smile
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(08-25-2017, 03:10 PM)iPsoFacTo Wrote: I play guitar, I mow the lawn, I drive a car. Smile

Nothing more zen than that .... unless maybe you fix the car as well! Nice to see you, ipso.
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