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Darwin Unhinged: The Bugs in Evolution
stephenw Wrote:Of course I am, because that is how mind and design are defined.
Fine, so there is no design in evolution.

Quote:This kinda like arguing with a flat-earther.  You are just sure that you will fall off the edge, if information processing by the mind, is real.  And project that on the rest of the world, that they should not "go there".
Of course our minds process information. You would help your case a whole lot more if you would stop insulting people and make a succinct claim. You use terms in fuzzy ways that make it difficult to understand your point. If you continue to insist the problem is that I'm stupid, then why would I care to engage you?

Quote:Darwin believed in Mental Evolution (He wrote an introduction to a book of that name authored by his student G. Romanes.)
What the hell is mental evolution?

Edited to add: Oh, this book:

~~ Paul
If the existence of a thing is indistinguishable from its nonexistence, we say that thing does not exist. ---Yahzi

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