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Alert: seeking objections to consensus in the thread on allowing political/CT content
Edit: rather than taking this approach, instead a poll has been set up to determine whether a majority of members even want any conspiracy theory / political content in the first place: POLL: should conspiracy theory / poltiical discussion be allowed on this forum?. Please cast your vote. Voting is anonymous.

Just letting those not following the thread, The question of political / conspiracy theory content, know that a compromise has been proposed in that thread, and that any objections to it should be raised within five days.
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  • Doug, malf
I assume CT is inclusive with debunking CTs, so I can post Skeptic's Guide to Pizza Gate or Rational Wiki pages on varied conspiracy theories and no one can cry foul?

And anyone who resorts to the "You just can't handle the Truth" defense that CT peddlers love will be temp banned?
"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us."

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Hey Sci, not to be rude, but could you please repost that to the main thread (if you care to) and I'll lock this one? Just so that we don't have two separate conversations going.

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