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A friends anomalous experience
My friend once told me a story that is just down right bizarre. Now first of all, my friend is quite the skeptic, along with being rational. He is not the type of person to make up anything and he has good attention to detail. Whenever we would talk about the big questions, or even things that I've seen, he would be the first to be critical of them and me. 

So, this story. 

He was out camping on an island not far from the UK mainland, say about 20-30 nautical miles. Not surprisingly, this island does not have many people living on it, only around 5000 say. The area where he is camping is quite isolated and you have to walk across terrain to get there - you cannot drive to this location. He has one tent, and the person who is with him has their own tent - so 2 tents in total. Having pitched their tents right next to each other, it turns to night, and my friend is in his tent, along with the other person. They are talking and enjoying themselves, drinking a little wine. As you do when you drink, one needs to break the seal so to speak! For our American friends, that's going for a pee! But they were not very drunk at this point. Still quite aware.

So my friend goes outside the tent and immediately becomes aware that something is wrong - his tent is missing. He looks around and off in the distance, about 40 feet away, is his tent. It is completely pitched up and set up for the night.

When he was telling me about this story, he mentions at this point his mind went into overdrive to try and explain this.

1. There was no wind that night, so sounds should be easy to hear, especially because it was a rural location.

2. They both did not hear anything at all, nothing outside their tent or any noise from someone maybe playing a prank on them and perhaps dragging the tent away from them. Nothing is heard.

3. If someone had wanted to play a prank, they would have had to walk a considerable distance for doing just that because of the isolated location and that is something that would definitely put most people off. If it was someone being serious and sinister, like a criminal, you would still hear the sound of someone moving your tent away, including all the items in that tent AND bearing in mind that their tents were RIGHT next to each other.

4. He did ask his friend if one of their friends were playing a prank and they said nope. He said he believed her as she looked terrified.

I don't remember what exactly happened after, but I think they left the next morning and didn't talk about it at all. He only told me after we got into a juicy conversation about how I'd found out about David Paulides and his Missing 411 stuff. 

Definitely strange.
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