Therapeutic Benefits from a Tarot Reading

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I recently had my tarot cards read during a Zoom call with someone from a society I am a member of at my University. She is a long-time member of this society who is very gentle, thoughtful and funny. She was very cautious and respectful in asking whether we wanted to do this or not since the session was a well-being catchup and she didn't want to force her beliefs onto anyone. All of us accepted anyways. 

She helped clear up some things as well for me and others in regards to very common misconceptions about tarot reading (which is often down to plain ignorance). From my own brief research and what she explained, tarot reading is not the same as an oracle reading, which is what the tarot is often mistaken for. Oracle cards (a set of which I now own, which are classed as 'Angel Cards' based on Christian mysticism possibly, I'm not sure) are used for advice on the immediate future and typically positive guidance in life. Tarot cards on the other hand, besides often being used for various games, are rarely actually intended for 'fortune-telling' and are more often used as a kind of spiritual support, though they are also considered a way of 'divining' information from others asking questions about the past or present, rather than the future. The supernatural quality is therefore present in both, but to a lesser degree in tarot reading than oracle card reading. 

She expressed, along with a few of her friends, that she herself is a bit skeptical, but finds it helpful and does believe there's more to it, even if it's purely intuition or interpretive. She didn't approve of those who charged hefty prices for readings (nor do I) or those who exploit people by giving purely negative/misfortune-based readings. Anyone can learn to do it supposedly, it just takes time, practice and trust in one's intuition, as well as some confidence in yourself. 

She was accurate with everyone based on the responses, and she was very accurate with me when I asked 'What am I most worried about?'. At first I was skeptical when the Death card didn't show up, but she quickly explained my cards and they all applied to me very accurately: issues with confidence, self-esteem and how I present myself or come across either in person or online. 

What I took away from this though was that it was, for many of us, quite emotional, especially when you have your problems or worries explained in depth by, in my case, a stranger who doesn't know anything about you and had no way of knowing such personal thoughts. It was therapeutic in a sense, as her explanation of my worries not only surprised me with the accuracy, but also her insightful advice and what she said I need to remember going forwards. Having someone I don't know explain such things to me was very powerful, even if there's no supernatural element to it. It has inspired me to actually acquire a Major Arcana deck of my own as well, because I think it would be nice to help other people the way she helped me.
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I can certainly agree that interacting with someone else who has a sympathetic manner would be therapeutic. I'm glad you found it beneficial.
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(2020-11-30, 07:14 PM)Typoz Wrote: I can certainly agree that interacting with someone else who has a sympathetic manner would be therapeutic. I'm glad you found it beneficial.

Thanks Typoz. My current experiences with my deck of 'Angel'/Oracle cards is very limited since I've only owned them for a few days as of writing this, but has also been helpful, even if momentarily. In my first attempt, I conducted a reading for myself twice, asking the same question to just whatever benevolent forces or higher powers were out there (since I am not Christian). I had closed my eyes and shuffled the cards during both readings. With the first one I picked out a single card, the second, three cards. On both occasions, I picked out the same card out of a possible other 43 choices: Retreat, meaning I need to focus on relaxing, taking breaks, getting better sleep etc...

It was spookily (and unfortunately) accurate, but then again, I haven't been the best at shuffling cards. But the cards were certainly speaking the truth regardless!

I was given them by a grandparent. Funnily enough, my family seems to have a history of being interested and/or experiencing seemingly paranormal/supernatural things. They never told me until this year because they thought I'd either a) be too scared or b) not take them seriously/find them laughable. Knowing my generation I can't say I blame them  Sad .
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