The metal god and the afterlife

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I happened to read Rob Halford of Judas Priest's autobiography aptly titled Confess (get it?) a while back.

It ties in to psi phenomena in a few ways. He mentions an early experience in his teens where he's confused by his homosexual yearnings, wonders if it's sinful. He's not a churchgoer but suddenly the idea pops into his head that he has to go to church.  He then walked up to the statue of the Virgin Mary and related his utter confusion and angst, and then suddenly he felt a great "wave of peace wash" over him, and he smelled the fragrance of roses.

More astounding was an experience he had in 1987, when he hadn't come out as gay yet (it would be years later), and a secret lover called Brad killed himself by suicide. Rob felt very guilty as he'd left him in his apartment knowing he had a gun. He found himself in a New York City nightclub later on in the same year, and then by happenstance found himself in a room where there was this Jamaican medium called Pearl. Rob thought this was just a club gimmick. He made a skeptical remark, and she then said there was someone there who wanted to talk to him. She then said this person wanted to know if he had kept the underwear he had given him, with the "clasps on the sides" (p. 227). Rob had never told anyone about this. She went on to give him more very specific details relating to intimate things that happened between them. From then on, Rob was convinced there was life after death.

It's hard to find interviews during the book tour where he talks about this at length, but I found this bit:

Quote:You talk about your spirituality in your book. You said you went in a church one day and talked to a statue of The Virgin Mary when you were struggling with your sexuality and it was then that you realized that it was going to be ok. You also talk about Pearl, the Jamaican medium who spoke to you at a club in New York and had a message from your ex lover Brad. That blew my mind, it made me believe. Tell me about that.

That means a lot to me that it had that affect on you. That’s something that I hadn’t anticipated when writing the book, how it would affect people like yourself and others in such a way. It’s very rewarding when I hear you and other people say that you’ve taken something positive from these stories or even the music. I do believe there’s a life after this and that experience in New York was a reaffirmation for me. I think it’s important to have an open mind and that was a powerful moment in my life.

Dan Boshart, December 2020, 519 magazine
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