Suzanne Giesemann’s interesting story.

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I listened to this this week and found it be a great story by medium Suzanne Giesemann.

I should add that she's said as she's developed as a medium, she's encountered progressively more traditionally "woo" stuff (channeling archangels, ETs, etc.), but she knows her mission, in part given her past as a naval officer and the credibility that offers, is to stay on a certain, more mainstream path, and so consciously doesn't access too much those energies.

This explains her initial reaction to getting a message from, supposedly, Archangel Michael.

This is a great sort of detective story to find out the meaning of this obscure message she got: "Hebrews. This is coherence. This is coherence. A gift."

You can decide for yourself if this is just coincidences, synchronicities, or mediumship, but it's a fascinating listen to see how these series of seemingly chance events gradually build up into quite a (MO) convincing story of something paranormal.

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