Quantum Biology: How Quantum Computing Can Unlock A New Dimension Of Treating Disease

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Quantum Biology: How Quantum Computing Can Unlock A New Dimension Of Treating Diseases

Markus Pflitsch

Quote:With quantum technology, the hope is that drug-trial simulations can eliminate the high development costs, reducing the barriers that prevent pharmaceutical companies from investing in developing treatments for rare diseases.

Quote:Quantum tech could allow scientists to understand the minute workings of the human body all the way down to the subatomic level, leading to a more personalized approach to medicine. One day, we may be able to input a patient’s medical and anatomical data into a quantum computer to create a “digital twin,” a virtual replica of the person. Using this digital twin as a test subject, doctors could run simulations with different drugs to see which one works best for that individual patient. If you’ve ever had to go through rounds of different medications to find the one that works best for you, you know how frustrating that process can be. With quantum technology, your digital twin could do all the experimenting for you, so you can find the right drug without frustration.

Quote:Quantum biology, and quantum technology in general, is still in its infancy as we wait for native quantum computers, which are computers that run on the principles of quantum physics, to mature and reach much higher computing power than we have today. Until then, some aspects of quantum computing are already accessible via processing in the cloud. As the technology further develops, more uses of quantum technology to improve healthcare, climate change and more move closer to fruition.
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