Professor Ioannidis presentation.

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Prof Ioannidis is a distinguished Professor at Stanford. After reading his wiki thread I feel like I’m in good company where my questioning of lockdowns are concerned. One thing I was surprised to learn...

Quote:Ioannidis's paper on "[url=]Why Most Published Research Findings Are False" was the most-accessed article in the history of Public Library of Scienceas of 2020, with more than 3 million views.[3][4]

Here is a vid where he talks about some of the problems he sees. I listened to about a third of it, but much of it was technical stuff that I don’t and have no wish to understand. What was clearly apparent to me however was that scientific papers on the subject the talk was about, ‘Evidence based medicine’, are in big big trouble. 

Oh my God, I hate all this.   Surprise
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