Prison Planet Prison Body

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An approach to the prison planet idea incorporating the prison body, reincarnation, karma, UFO's or aliens, genetic manipulation.

Combining Anunnaki info with other data:
Where man was created from a lesser mammal on planet Earth to help these aliens mine gold and other necessary items, using a combination of Anunnaki genetics and this animal creature. A mammal that did not need to cook food and build shelters to survive.
A being was created after multiple failed attempts. Then more were created. Then reproductive systems functioned.
But they did not fit the requirements of the planet and these creatures needed shelter from the elements, had to cook many things to eat them, and were generally weak. Immune systems were dysfunctional, lives were short, and the genetic shortcomings were plain to see.
Then the aliens in charge tried to destroy what was created illegally. Some aliens were trying to protect and help the creations, and others wanted us gone, since we were something new that had not existed before and this type of manipulation was not allowed anywhere in the universe.
Parts of the mind and body, brain and nervous system of this new creature were created to connect to the alien mining boss for immediate telepathic communication that would supply directions as well as getting updates from work sites. The original creature had access to higher alien energy used to move stone and lift objects, or to transport yourself to and fro, to locate food and water, and heal each other.
Some of the aliens found it entertaining to download themselves into these new creature bodies and take control, relishing the pleasures of basic mammal DNA such as food, sex, and activities foreign to them because they were mainly composed of energy.
When the destruction process began and those in favor of keeping these new creatures alive lost this fight, they were imprisoned in the remaining creations as punishment. A mind wipe was performed. And there the aliens kept them, imprisoned, for an eternity if necessary.
Forever stuck in an endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, each time losing the memory of that life, memory of what they are, why they are here, and the reason for being here, which is punishment and prison for manipulating genetics. 
AI systems were tracking the progress and recording the data, sending updates to the home world. More prisoners were being brought here on a regular basis and imprisoned in these genetic match creations they created to house them. Where there, they lose all memory and are cycled through a process, over and over.
Programming fears, religions, and many other traits into these genetic shells, steering conflicts and making them suffer, over and over.
Toying with the captives, for thousands of years, while offering little insight, little chance of escape, and then deleting and rebooting them.
Then upon death of this shell body, fooling these creatures using fake versions of relatives greeting them, flooding them with love frequencies, some magical tunnel with the proper high, just to keep them passive until the next reboot. Keeping them totally distracted of the truth. 
Every so often, a genetic version is produced that leads them in the wrong directions, making promises of life after death, or performing wonderful things. Aliens must maintain the god status, and the chariots of fire must be seen as messengers from heaven.
These distractions keep all of them from discovering that they are actually the core energy of an alien that doesn't need this type of physical body, and is more pure energy than solid matter. Keeping them trapped, safely, in the prison, until the AI decides you have done your time or learned your lesson. Until then, programming the next likely series of events and plugging you back into this system, over and over.
All the while many of the reproduced genetic mutants are empty, running in neutral, performing tasks, without much thought to not having this energy inside them.

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