Precognition Dreams or Premonitory Dreams

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Hello i´m new here

I try to find some help about this situation,  but don´t find so i will gonna give one shot about this....well a 2 years ago 
i have  very strange seqeuences of "dreams", i saw "3 shadows" they´re trying to say something to me, but i
don´t know what it is so started.....

1 Part- I was in a  party i saw the table with few sodas,beers and balloons and the guests and my brother his wife was taking  photos, most strange was the place...i never been there was the frist time i "saw" and "been there" i saw thew and  guests  in postion to take a photo and 

2 part- And suddenly i was in a apartament looks like i was there before, but the furniture looks like the same of my present apartament, but the dining/main room was competely  different where i live today, i saw two elevators and where i live now just have stairs, it´s looks like a "Welcome Party", and have a lot people i don´t see 22 years my  friends of long time!  and i saw my brother with another woman holding a little hairly boy.

3 and Final part i was in a hospital seen a person, who was in the bed.but i never saw her in my life,i kwew her by someone (a friend maybe?), and she (she was a young adult woman not older) have an oxygen tube in the nose and she had a shaved hair, (i think she was fighting against a cancer),but she´s not my parent or anything like that and said crying "Please people take care of my Daughter and my Niece for me!", it´s seems she´s near to passed away, and  a girl  (i know her from somewhere, maybe studied with me.)  she run to me crying a lot and hug me, and suddely i was in the funeral and that shaved hair woman was in the coffin,
And after that to finish all this sequel, i saw my mom (with long and gray hair) holding 2 babies, they´re blondie twins, i knew these babies but why i feel so much   love and care about them and  looks like i was in other country (i don´t know why!)

I wake up i take a glass of water, and trying to understand what happen i take a note all details and sleep to next day i was going 
to the party, i was walking looking the place, but when i saw the table and the decoration i talk to myself 
"this table! i swear i saw this table yesterday! but it´s impossible! never been here!", and a friend of my brother said "Photos Time!" and when i saw the guests and my broher  and his  wife make the revelation she was pregant! everbody with the hand on her belly and was they was the same  position! that  i saw the last night !

And drink a water and finnaly i undestand the kid i saw my brother holding was my nephew! but he didn´t  born yet!, nine months later he born and he was lilttle  hairy (for few time then he became bald), now this kid have 2 years, now he´s the exactly like i saw in my "vision",  and the woman was my brother side it´s his new girlfriend (yeah he divorced one year ago).

This happen in  04/ 07/2019

This is a transcrpiton of a diary i have, someone could give me hand?

cheers from Brazil!
wassudd enly
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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

I sometimes had dreams relating to my own future, usually good things, and can only really talk from what I found in my own experience. Not all of my dreams have come true, sometimes they were just things which might happen, other times because I expected something to happen, I have tried too hard to make things happen, to kind of force something. But I learned that was a mistake, because I only created trouble for myself and other people. What I learned was sometimes it is best to just be natural, be yourself, and let things happen in their own time, when they are ready, but to look for the good, positive things and not dwell on the painful things too much.

Your own dream, a sequence of things, has already started to come true, exactly as you saw it in the dream. That suggests the other things will also probably happen eventually as well. I believe we have free will, up to a point, but some things are mapped out. Some things we can change, others we just accept.

Your dreams contained both birth and death, which makes it kind of neutral - this is the cycle of life, it is not good or bad, it is just life.

What is really important - at least as I read and understood your dream, is the part where the woman said, "Please people take care of my Daughter and my Niece for me!". It isn't clear who this is directed towards, it could be a general plea to anyone who was listening, or maybe it has some meaning for you, or for someone close to you. You may find yourself having to care for other people.

Another part is where your mom is holding two babies, and you feel so much love and care for them. This is repeating the same theme. You caring for someone, very much. It is repeated because it is important. I don't know whether that is something real or perhaps it might be something somehow from a different lifetime or maybe it is symbolic. It isn't clear to me.

So what do I think it means? Well, first, have no fear. And maybe when called upon to help and to care for others, be ready to at least consider playing your part. As I said before, I do think we have free will, there are things we can choose to do or choose not to do. But other things are outside our control. In the end, all we can do is try our best, and to care for one another.

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