Jim Harold's Campfire

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This is a podcast I listen to quite a bit and have thought about sending some of my own experiences into. I can't remember if its been mentioned on this forum before.

Here's the latest 4 episodes that I highly recommend listening to quickly as they will go behind a paywall once they are no longer part of the 13 mos recent. Though you can download them for later listening too. I make this post because they just recently passed their 500th episode and thus have done 2 recaps of some of the best stories. At least one of which occurred early on in the covid19 lockdown. So listen while you can!

Your Favorite Scary Stories From Our First 500 Shows - Campfire 500

Cryptids and Creatures - Campfire 501

The Campsite UFO - Campfire 502

Punched By A Ghost - Campfire 503

It probably goes without saying to anyone aware of the experiences I've shard here so far that I can relate quite heavily to a number of these stories and do throw them on the ever growing pile of evidence about the reality of of them. Its actually sort of comforting to know that things like this and at this level happen to other people as strange as that may sound.
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