Interesting Chirp Waves

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Something older that keeps appearing in my research, the chirp wave...

Initially it was in the research in and around Qi / Chi / Ki study, where certain practices or "forms" of tai chi and martial arts created more interesting fluctuations.
In the advanced Sun 73 and sword classes, we observed some evidence suggesting magnetic field coherence. In other words, the magnetic field oscillated at one or a few frequencies very strongly, specifically, 13 and 78 Hz (Sun 73), and 39 and 49Hz (Sword). T'ai chi students can sense when the group is synchronized and moving as one. This synchrony may be measurable with magnetic field recordings.
Imagine the pointed wizard or witch hat, dunce cap?
recently has been able to intensify this energy by concentrating it as it passes through a cone-shaped, tapered glass or plastic object...

Then it shows up in healing and intent.
Margaret Moga and I have done three mice experiments on mammary cancer at her lab at Indiana University Medical School, and while going through the usual routine of handson healing, also strategically placed geomagnetic probes to test whether there might be some interesting environmental correlates to the healing. And so we examined DC magnetic field activity during hands-on healing and distant healing of mice with experimentally induced tumors. And, in fact, during the healing sessions we observed distinct magnetic field oscillations adjacent to the mice cages beginning as 20-30 Hz oscillations, slowing to 8-9 Hz, and then to less than 1 Hz, at which point the oscillations reversed and increased in frequency, with an overall symmetrical appearance resembling a “chirp” wave. The waves ranged from 1-8 milligauss peak-topeak in strength and 60-120 seconds in duration. We speculate that this evidence may suggest that bioenergy healing may be detectable with DC gauss meters.

Then we finally get a glimpse at possible gravity waves and they are chirp waves.

Looking at chirp, I see they also exist in "sleep spindles", and
Chirpwave expansion in electron wave function...

Of course, not all of these are that related, except that many types of energy fluctuate across the universe.
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