Dual Versions of Phenomena

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I was contemplating how similar, but different, the initiation of a natural OOBE can be compared to OOBE's produced using a brain probe.

Then I was contemplating why drug-induced altered states are in no way similar to altered states produced naturally.


It made me recall a conversation when Sean Harribance asked me why I thought the God Helmet didn't work for so many people.
My response to Sean was that the brain scans showed he has very different neural networks than most people, thus different pathways in use compared to the average person.
He agreed that this was likely the issue.
I told him that I do think the results would improve if they bothered to scan and train people properly before attempting these experiments. Or they could just look for people that already have the neural networks required for this.

The closer you are to these neural networks as your "go-to" natural condition, the more likely it is that you will act and react in ways similar to Sean or Ingo.
it is, of course, much more than a brain scan, and has to do with frequencies and other fluctuating changes. So when I say scan or brain scan, this is meant to cover all the proper examination for, and recording of, the current and known patterns and neural highways, frequencies and chemistry, body reactions, and more.

We see that many different forms of meditation can rewire these plastic neural networks in different directions. Some good, some not so great, it depends on what you are striving to achieve. Even different versions of prayer can change networks.

I feel that, in order to acccomplish this rewiring properly, we should have a snapshot of the current neural networks, and monitor any training to see which direction the networks then develop, so that we can help steer or change the training to properly encourage the development of networks that naturally lead to psi phenomena.

I feel that drugs are not the answer, because they are "riding" on top of wrong neural networks and produce effects based on aberrant, or out-of-control alterations of sensory or receptor systems. The exceptions proving me wrong are showing up as Psilocybin therapy, ketomine therapy, LSD therapy, and etc. Where there, scans show the obvious "rewiring" of neural networks and go-to systems are possible, but only under very strict guidance by specialists.

Not that a few nuggets of psi phenomena don't show up in some of the regular neural networks, or during some DMT high. They do, usually a flash-in-the-pan style glimpse, like some uncontrolled brain fart.
Where if we scanned these people, we might just notice that they already had some neural networks that were pretty close to those seen in psi phenomena. Then these glimpses make more sense. 

However, I just don't think that the brain probe OOBE version has much to do with the proper neural network OOBE version, like a drug-induced hallucination is obviously not the same thing as a psychic vision. I can zap your brain with a probe and make your eye blink, which is not the same as a natural eye blink.

When we apply this to astral projection, one version can be wishful thinking or an imaginary dream condition that is not really anything astral, and is not really "projecting" anything. This happens in your mind just like daydreaming or regular dreams. Many people are convinced that they have achieved AP, when in reality they are stuck in the imaginary version. This is usually more akin to lucid dreaming.
Then we have the actual astral projection that is much more than that.
Both of these are studied and monitored as the same thing by many. 
Again mistaking the fake dual version for the real version, and studying the wrong subjects to get proper answers.

Now, using brain scans, we see obvious differences between lucid dreams, AP, REM dreams, and so much more.

The obvious and blatant difference between version A or B, the dual nature difference, is that one is psi phenomena and can be seen in the active networks of the brain scans, and one is imaginary and this can be seen as a totally different set of active networks in brain scans.

The frustrating problem is that the average person has trouble feeling any difference, and then assumes they are experiencing psi phenomena, when in reality they are entertaining their imagination. Thus "magical thinking" and not real psi. 
When you push that fake ego button, they explode in a flurry of experiences they have had, which can be a mixture of actual psi phenomena, and imaginary phenomena, lumped together. 

Thus dual in nature, dual in actual real psi phenomena, or unreal imaginary phenomena. 
A single brain scan can often solve this woo woo debate, and select proper candidates. 

This should or could bring much of the psi research back to solid ground.

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