Deep ecology, Animism & Dark Green Religion with Andy Letcher

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Quote:Andy Letcher is a writer, lecturer, and musician with a doctorate in ecology from Oxford University, and a second doctorate in religious/cultural studies from King Alfred's College, Winchester. He is currently a senior lecturer in ecology and spirituality at Schumacher College and is an expert on contemporary alternative spiritualities, especially modern Paganism, neo-shamanism and psychedelic spiritualities. He is the author of the book Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom and has written many academic papers on topics such as animism, folklore, and Druidry. Today we discussed the intersection of ecology and spirituality.

Topics & timestamps :
0:00 Introduction
Becoming interested in ecology and spirituality
4:30 The love of nature
Dark Green Religion
13:27 Grounding spirituality in nature
19:20 The ecological self
26:41 Acting when it appears futile
38:38 How did our culture become so split from nature?
Plant consciousness
53:54 The role of psychedelics in ecological change

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