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I understand the general distrust for channeling, strange that. Physical reality is an altered state of consciousness (when compared to You as Spirit in your true consciousness), an artful channeling from and to the Higher Mind. We create physical reality through a channeled state of being.

Channeling exists all about us including the fine art of acting. An actor unconsciously "pulls" information from parallel realities where infinite numbers of that person exists (almost exactly).

Netflix has released Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond and would be hard pressed to find a better example, amply explained by Jim Carrey throughout the doc.

Carrey, who believes Kaufman took over while he filmed Man on the Moon, explained, “The true author of the project is Andy and his genius, the fact that he committed so completely to what he did, really made that possible and made it essential for me to lose myself. I don’t feel like I made the film at all. I feel like Andy made the film.”

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