Assessing some more up to date NDE explanations

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So, this isn't meant to be any fuck you skeptics kind of thread. Decided to post this paper because I read it the other day, and because it has some of the more modern approaches to trying to explain NDEs in a natural way. Some of the ones are as follows:

*An interesting correlation between NDEs and REM that the study author published a few years ago. Out of 106 people who had an NDE with over a 7 on the Greyson scale, 47% had also suffered from REM intrusion
*Connected to that, another study which also discovered a slight correlation between migraine aura and NDEs, though less than with REM

The author admits that these are not enough to explain NDEs but says they might be interesting lines of research.

*Next is the discovered similarities between NDEs and Ketamine experiences. Potential theories coming from that being that certain ketamine like chemicals could be released in dangerous near death scenarios in order to keep certain parts of the brain alive.
*Another explanatory model, coming from an evolutionary perspective, NDEs could be a type of death feigning like what animals do, in order to increase chances of survival. An evolutionary leftover.

Now do with these explanations what you will, I think that only the correlations between NDEs and REM are of interest, though even then the updated study about that had its weaknesses (didnt ask if REM intrusion happened before or after NDEs, only 47% correlation, Dr Kondziella thinks that NDEs occur before/after cardiac arrest which goes against findings that put them during it). The idea that Ketamine like chemicals are released is also interesting, but don't know if it stands up enough to explain every scenario or the like. I just think its good again for us to know where exactly the modern day attempts to explain NDEs stand, good to keep up to date with what actual researchers are doing, not what skeptics say.

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