Are We Alone?

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Apparently this went over my head but a study came out last week related to the plausibility of the notion that we are the only civilized species in the galaxy and the nearby "observable universe". It was released by Oxford University:

What is interesting is my father claimed to have seen it in the news, and after reading the actual article, he kinda overexaggerated what it was talking about. He said that they said "the entire universe" when it would seem they mean our galaxy and maybe neighboring ones. But they definitely didn't say the whole expanse of our universe. 

I would think it would be hard to calculate the possibility of other intelligent life in our galaxy, much less past it. It's not totally clear to me how they sussed that part out. Of course, they are talking about the chance of extraterrestrials living nearby us in a galaxy scale sense. So what? When you view the existence of psi being as probable as I believe it to be, then you begin to wonder if UFOs and aliens are a psi related or even consciousness tied phenomenon? Plus, according to physicists, quantum mechanics opens to doors to the whole "alternate dimensions" stuff and so forth. Maybe a little too much, granted. However, it does seem more and more people are looking past the old "little green men on Mars" theories to search the possibility of aliens or intelligent life at all. 

It's interesting nonetheless. Space playboy Elon Musk sees the study as justification for space colonization.

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