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UFO Sockpuppets
Interesting blog about Trevor Wozney, "The Angry UFOlogist", who apparently has one website to showcase his skills as a debunker and another one filled with stuff just waiting to be debunked.

Quote:“The Angry UFOLogist” posts many things the critical thinking UFO researcher would find attractive: the absurdity of hoaxes, the calls for a total reformation of UFOlogy to make it more respectable to science – and it’s ever present motto: “UFOlogy Needs a Reboot”

Provocative articles like “Entertainment or Serious Business – What Is UFOlogy to You?” are posted, and gives the reader the sense that we’re talking to a real mover and shaker in the field who’s looking to bring the serious discussions and accountability. The site also seems to promote change in UFOlogical protocols and ideologies – no small order. He hopes to tap into the frustration left in the wake of the Roswell Slides debacle and Greer’s Atacama “alien” nonsense.
The problem is Wozny has another website: – which posts the same bullshit stories and sensationalistic headlines he claims to rail against. Go to the Paranormics YouTube Channel (the link contains Wozny’s name – amazing) and you’ll see such solid stories as “Dragons Caught on Tape from Around the World” to my personal favorite: “Pleaidian Agenda – Time for Truth”.

So while you might think Wozny is like you – one who wants serious discussion of the topic without the nonsense that mucks up the water we’re all trying to see through – he’s pissing downstream. He’s in my opinion, a new kind of bullshitter: one who writes and promotes both sides, because he sees a market for both.
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Out of morbid curiosity I took a look at TAUFOist (the other two seem dead?)... There is some new agey stuff in there (unfortunately, he drags "dimensions of consciousness" into the fray), as well as some uninteresting and silly things. It seems that he is just pulling the "gullible believer" BS that we have seen before, which is made more obvious by the lack of updates in his "rational" website. However...

[Image: busbok-768x480.jpg]

This is one cool image. It reminded me of the boxart of the original Fallout, but with aliens:

[Image: latest?cb=20120826191909]
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