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Two types of edit!
To whom it may concern,

Do we really need two types of edit - quick and full - when we want to edit one of our posts? The extra choice seems pretty pointless, and often I find that the 'edit' button is at the bottom of the screen, and its dropdown menu is invisible!

Of course, I don't know if this is configurable.

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There is two reasons. With the plugin comes the feature of auto-saving the text in a draft, in case of browser crash or accidental closing of the tab etc., but also, as you mention, more editing tools for the Quick Reply-box. The reason for that is because; I dont know how many times I started write something in that Quick Reply-box and then realize I need some quote-boxes, italic, add some picture, video, bold text, etc, so then I have to cut out the whole text, move it to New Reply, and start over.
I dont understand why this is a problem for you?

Can you be a bit more specific about the Edit-button? Does it disappear at the bottom of the screen?
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