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The Research Cabin Dream
Had this dream last night. Normally I don't write up random dreams like this one but this one had a couple interesting words in it that I wanna check to see if they actually exist or not. Enjoy!


My mom, sister, and I decided to visit a place that is considered so haunted it’s dangerous to see what would happen. My sisters a pretty hardcore skeptic in real life, and my mom is a meek “obey authority because thinking is dangerous” type. So I can’t remember who’s idea it was to do this, theirs because they, or at least my sister, was convinced nothing would happen, or mine as a way to see if I could find something obviously real to shove in their faces.

Either way on the internet I found this one incredibly obscure and remote site that was being studied by a team of independent, hobbyist researchers. The site was a patch of forest… somewhere… with a cabin. I can’t remember if the cabin was already there of if the researchers built it as their home base due to otherwise being in the middle of nowhere. The site was listed as extremely dangerous due to one or more creatures that roamed the area that the researchers were trying to study. It seemed like the perfect place since at the moment the researchers weren’t there and they said that they welcome other independent to use their cabin to continue researching. I contacted them about visiting and they asked me a bunch of questions about what supplies I was going to be bringing myself and whatnot. They asked something like if I was bringing my own gun or not. I can’t remember what I said. No, I think. They said they would be leaving a shotgun or rifle or something in the cabin for me. I asked if they were sure it was a good idea to leave a stranger a gun especially since I wasn’t staying overnight or anything. They insisted that it was a necessity even if I was just visiting for the day and even if I brought my own guns, just in case. They said they’d make sure to have copies of all their notes left in the cabin as well. After setting everything up and waiting until they emailed us to say the cabin was ready we all made our way there.

It’s autumn or maybe early winter. There’s lots of trees, not sure exactly what type. But all their leaves are gone and all over the ground. It’s pretty cold but there’s no snow on the ground from what I remember. My mom decideds she doesn’t want to walk into the forest probably from a combination of “it’s too cold” and “I’m scared” so my sister and I go instead. 

I can’t remember the exact order the rest of this happened in. I know on the way to the cabin we could hear various screams that were clearly not any animal we knew of, or at least any that would be in this climate. A mixture of human and animal, but lynx and cougars can sound incredibly demonic and freaky at a distance if you don't know what's making the noise. Examples:

Cougar screaming at a distance :

Cougar screaming up close for comparison:

Canadian Lynx wailing:

So yeah, easy to misinterpret. We figured that’s what they were at first until we noticed there was this extra gurgling noise with the screaming and the pitch was deeper than standard cougar. At some point we found a curved, single edged sword just laying on the ground unerneath some leaves and branches. I think My sister pointed it out to me. It was about 36 inches in total length and had a little buit of rust on the blade. I assumed it belonged to one of the researchers given how much they stessed danger in the area. As for why it was laying there like that, well, could be as simple as they forgot it. Or could be that they’re dead. I decided to take it with me just in case. Eventualy we got to the cabin. I think I went inside alone and my sister stayed outside, maybe the cabin creeped her out, I don’t remember. There was a shotgun mounted on the wall. I think there was a box of shells on the table below it. I started looking through all the notes that were left by the reasearchers. I don’t remember how far I got but my sister started freaking out outside. I grabbed the shotgun off it’s rack, I’m pretty sure it was already loaded. Things get a little fuzzy at this point but I’ll do my best to detail everything. I know I ran outside and there was a humanoid creature thing there. It was bald, grey skin, no discernable sex, seemingly naked, lanky. It’s legs were maybe a little longer than human legs and at least one of it’s hands had very elongated, clawed fingers. It stood at most 7 feet tall but probably not that tall. It's legs were pretty built, it's upper body less so but it was hard to tell because of the non-human anatomy parts. There were spindly twig-like growths on its back and shoulders that went in all directions but were mostly swept down the back and off to the sides. some were a good meter long or so. I at first thought its skin was wrinkled but each wrinkles were far too deep and long for that. It’d be more accurate to say it’s skin was ridged. And it’s eyes were either reflecting pinkish purple light or they were slightly glowing. It was not happy to see us. Or maybe it was very happy, kinda hard to tell.

It was darting around pretty fast and if I remember correctly the sky got a little darker. The horizon looked pinkish purple and I can’t remember why but I figured it wasn’t natural. I think because it was way too early in the day for the sun to be setting. My memory of the skirmish is scattered. Stress seems to dramatically affect my ability to remember things in dreams and I really hate that but that’s how it is. I remember one flash of doing something with the sword in my right hand, I think it’s a block, and a couple flashes of movement that might be evasions or chases. I don’t know how long the skirmish lasted till this point but I managed to shoot it twice in the chest. Then it turned and started running away. I chased it and shot it again in the back on the lower left side. It left a very noticable entrance wound and a bit of blood splatter. It had standard red blood. None of this seemed to slow it down. It kept running and dissapeared into a portal of sorts. This ovular bit of air that spontaneously got really thick and distorted light like water with an extra purplish shimmer to it. I contemplated following it and hunting it down since it was obviously hurt. And I knew I had some magic in the dream so it was quite possible that I could kill it. But I thought following it was probably a bad idea. Even if I did manage to kill it the researchers would probably be a bit sad since they knew how dangerous it was but were studuying it anyways. It would suck to find out the thing you were researching was now dead and now you could no longer study it. The portal eventually dissipated. I know I went back in the cabin, very sure I read though more notes.

In total here’s what I learned from them.

They had documented quite a bit about the creature. It’s behaviour was considered erratic and unpredictable. It seemed to be able to appear and dissapear at will. This was never directly observed but was the only explanation they could come up with for some of the things that happened in the forest. They would commonly hear screaming in the distance, the same way we did on our way to the cabin, but could never find the source. Even when they’d get close enough that they really should be able to see whatever’s making the noise there would be nothing, often the screaming would stop at that point as well. Sometimes the creature would be seen silently wandering randomly in the forest. Sometimes it would appear out of nowhere behind them. But with no cover and the teams checking all sides constantly and so many twigs and stuff on the ground it seemed impossible that it just snuck up on them via conventional means. Sometimes it was incredibly violent. And severe injuries, usually lacerations, had occurred. They stated that standard procedure quickly became to travel in at least teams of two with all members armed with guns. The creature would run away if shot but seemed to be relatively uninjured from bullets. It would never show signs of previous injury next time it appeared.

The researchers didn’t know if there were multiple phenomenon or if all the disparate phenomenon were all the doing of the creature. They had been going through history of the area and it seemed this part of the forest had been said to be strange for a long time by the locals. There had apparently been a man maybe more than a hundred years ago who had tried studying the local legends of the forest. But they dissapeared at some point, no one ever found out what happened. They theorized that this old researcher might actually be the creature. That something might’ve transformed them into it. Citing various physical and behavourial similarities although they stated that they really didn’t know and it’s just as likely the creature killed him the same way it’s said to have killed others in the area. They were trying to investigate it to find out. But if true then it would mean there really were other phenomena in the area and the creature was just a result.

They were attempting to figure out exactly what the creature might be. There was a book that someone probably got from a random bookstore about occult creatures or something. Something that, to be honest, looked like standard hippy nonesense. I didn’t see how they were justifying their claims to know all the things about the various creatures they claimed to know. Like where they came from, how they were created, what they ate, etc. They didn’t appear to be citing any sort of studies about any of it. But I suppose from the researchers point of view it was better than nothing for some kind of lead on this thing. They had a short list of possible creatures from the book that could be the same one in the forest. The most likely candidate was circled, called a “Druid’s Licht” or something. And some latin classification that was something like “Uevericus Castranopia.” I’m pretty sure it wasn’t “Cassanopia”, there was a “T” and an “R” in there somewhere and maybe an extra “N” I’m just not 100% sure where. But maybe I’m wrong. Put that into google and duckduckgo when I woke up but no results. I’m pretty amazed I remembered the spelling as well as I did even though I’m sure it’s slightly wrong. It’s why I decided I should write this dream down at all. Other alleged subspecies were listed as well but I didn’t get the chance to read through any of them. I didn’t get to look at the full description in the book either.

In any case we went back to the car, I left the sword and gun in the cabin for the next person and we left. My sister was freaked out and was talking to my om on the drive home about it. Somehow they were both being skeptical about it, somehow. Because of how huge the encounter was I guess. I tried saying how the cabin seemed similar to the stories of Skinwalker Ranch and how SW had been bought by some multimillion dollar science business (National institute for Discovery Science, look it up) and is now locked down to the degree that you will be escorted away by armed personnel if you try to get into it. Pointing out that “Why would you need that much security if there was nothing real going on?” But both of them stopped talking, seemingly purposefully refusing to acknowledge what I said. I aksed them if that’s what they were doing but they still didn’t respond. I got kinda angry about that. Since it seemed they were trying to do their standard thing of “Oh well you’re the one saying it so clearly it must be wrong.” Which is something they do in real life for every subject, refuse to look at evidence, but insist they’re right anyways. In the dream it almost seemed like they were staying silent because they didn’t want to have to admit I was right. At some point the dream shifted to something else or otherwise ended.

So, Uevericus Castranopia… or whatever… anyone think there’s anything to that or should I chalk it up as just another random part of the dream?
"Be darker than the Nightmare until it runs from you."
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You didn't by any chance remember the title of the book about occult creatures, did you? I'm guessing not, since you probably would have noted it if you did, but it might have provided another resource to try to track down to find out whether these names exist outside of your dream.

FWIW, googling them turned up nothing for me either, although I did learn that "licht" means "light" in German. "Druid's light"... an interesting phrase. Googling "druid's light creature" turned up this, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be a match.

I wish I could be of more help.
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(11-13-2017, 03:54 AM)Laird Wrote: You didn't by any chance remember the title of the book about occult creatures, did you? I'm guessing not, since you probably would have noted it if you did, but it might have provided another resource to try to track down to find out whether these names exist outside of your dream.

FWIW, googling them turned up nothing for me either, although I did learn that "licht" means "light" in German. "Druid's light"... an interesting phrase. Googling "druid's light creature" turned up this, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be a match.

I wish I could be of more help.

Sorry I can't remember the book title. At bst I remember that it had a title and subtitle. I think the title was two words and the subtitle was three or four. Also "Licht" didn't appear to be the only word associated. There was one thing in quotes with "Druid's" and I'm pretty sure it was "Licht" but it could've also been "Lich." Regardless there was also a list beside it that included whichever wasn't in quotes along with "Lycan" and "Lycanthrope" which basically equates to "shapeshifter." Whether all those were listed as synonyms I don't know. Either way I'm chalking all of this up to just being a random part of the dream.

I tend to just treat dreams as real these days because I've gotten too many Kruger injuries to assume otherwise. But it doesn't mean they're actually real. Although it's also not uncommon for there to be "Real" dream elements mixed in with "Random" dream elements. I see that most with confirmed shared dreams although there is no way this was shared with my family. I'd be very surprised if it was.

If nothing else I've written it down in case any element of it becomes relevant in the real world in the future.
"Be darker than the Nightmare until it runs from you."

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