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Skeptical proponent

I had not been frequenting Skeptiko recently, so I missed the whole sub-forum closure thing. Just checked back and and saw someone had sent me an invite to the new forum. The reason I'd stayed away was I felt I wasn't getting any new or helpful insights into the topics discussed, even though for sure there are a bunch of really smart people posting.  

I am amazed that Alex chose to close the CD forum, and equally amazed that Sciborg was banned. WTF??? How could that be??? I don't even want to know.

When I did visit Skeptiko, 95 percent of the time it was the CD forum. I guess I felt more was to be gained by challenging my current "beliefs" (ah, apparently not that much gain). The familiar skeptics who posted there (Arouet, Paul, fls, malf come to mind....) seemed to me like smart and respectful people (I'd still wager that no tens of thousands of posts will change their minds that all consciousness is brain generated...but who cares?). Certainly this was not a place where rational proponent comments were brushed aside by rude dickheads like on the JREF... anyway ... good luck with the new forum! 

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You are very welcome here, Bill.
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Recent posts moved here.
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Good to see you here, billw! I always appreciated your posts on the Skeptiko forum! I hope you make some posts here in the future.


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