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Quantum Retrocausation papers from 2017 American Institute of Physics Conference
Quantum Retrocausation

Quote:Several papers on the topic of quantum retrocausation appear in the current issue of the AIP Conference Proceedings, published by the American Institute of Physics (to see the papers click here). These papers were presented at the third meeting held at the University of San Diego on June 2016, sponsored by the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, to discuss ideas about retrocausation. This is defined in the preface of the proceedings as “the proposition that the future can affect the present in a manner analogous to how the past affects the present via causation.”
Here is a list of the papers:
Roderick I. Sutherland
Ruth E. Kastner
Andrew N. Jordan, Areeya Chantasri, Kater Murch, Justin Dressel, and Alexander N. Korotkov
Giuseppe Castagnoli
Avshalom C. Elitzur, and Eliahu Cohen
Sky Nelson-Isaacs
Marcin Nowakowski
Dale E. Graff, and Patricia S. Cyrus
Stephen L. Baumgart, Michael S. Franklin, Hiroumi K. Jimbo, Sharon J. Su,
and Jonathan Schooler
Jacob Jolij, and Dick J. Bierman
Julia Mossbridge
York Dobyns
Henry P. Stapp
Stanley A. Klein, and Christopher Cochran
Jack Sarfatti
Ashok Narasimhan, and Menas C. Kafatos
"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us."

  -Thomas Browne
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Cool stuff, Sci. You might want to fix the thread's subject though ("Psychics" => "Physics").
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(11-05-2017, 03:30 AM)Laird Wrote: Cool stuff, Sci. You might want to fix the thread's subject though ("Psychics" => "Physics").

Given the fact that about 40% of the papers seem to be psi-related, perhaps the Institute should change its name!
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It's worth noting that link near the start of the post, which leads to the full text of the papers (rather than the abstracts that the rest of the links point to):
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