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Michael Grosso's possible visit from his dead brother
Author Michael Grosso has recently posted an interesting hypnagogic experience involving his dead brother:

Over lunch with several colleagues, we talked about a phenomenon noted by Andreas Mavromatis in his book Hypnagogia, the twilight state between waking and sleeping. (We’ve all been there but usually very briefly.)  Most of the time a distinct intermediate zone does not register in our awareness, and we are, as they say, out like a light. But often enough, while still holding to a dim waking awareness, images of a phantasmal nature appear in the field of consciousness.  Still anchored in our waking state, we can observe our own hallucinations.  

So, in this twilight state, you experience yourself as existing simultaneously in two worlds: the waking world of your physical room and the world of scenes and phantoms you meet in the hypnagogic state.

My bouts of insomnia increased the length, vividness, and frequency of these states.  In effect, I learned to prolong the intermediate state of hypnagogia.  Often it seemed the whole night would pass without any real sleep, but for some reason I never felt tired as a result.   

I was interested in the visions, highly detailed, that made their presence known. 

During these excursions, I would find myself very close to human faces, each completely alive-looking and unique.  The figures were mobile, as if I were immersed in a crowd, some of the faces being beside my  face. When I fixed my attention on one of these faces, man or woman, it became more vivid and suffused with light.  This effect, although fascinating, was also distracting.

They mostly seemed absorbed in themselves, with slight indications of awareness of my presence.  A few times I felt a twinge of discomfort when I became an object of attention.  I would back off and wake up.  But when I closed my eyes the figure would still be there.  Sometimes the face would remain visible after opening my eyes.

Read the rest here:
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