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It was these two movies....
There is horror movies, and then there is horror movies.

I'm a movie buff, and I've seen lots of horror/paranormal movies etc, and ans any "normal" kid of my particular old age, some of the first one hat took "root" in my mind was (as most kids of my age) was in no-specific order; The Exorcist, Jaws, Alien, and then a lesser known flick called  Superstitious, and The Beyond, - old 70's horror movies that really packed a punch back then. But it was this movie The Beyond that scared the shit out of us.

A classmate of mine, his older brother was friend with a guy in a band in Stockholm, that later on formed a banc called Europe. When they started out around here they were really underdogs. No one gave a f*** about a hard rock band from a suburb in Stockholm. Well, as it went along, that tended to change (The Final Countdown).
But anyway, back then, when they made this song, we all knew it was written from this horror movie; The Beyond (Seven Gates To Hell). So when we heard this song, on their first album, for the first time we all knew there it came from. I think they were around 17-18 years old, and we were 12-13. We played that album until it was worn out. Smile

Well, anyway, connecting it back to horror movies; seeing all these great horror movies (were Exorcist really creeped me out) I really hadn't seen movies that really fucked up my sleep (or had me thinking about them long after I've seen them). I mean, don't misunderstand me, The Exorcist still rank the tops of the best/horrible movies I ever seen, but I hadn't seen thee movie that really "struck a chord". I mean Jaws made me stay out of the water for about two summer-breaks or more, but I didn't take those movies to "bed", when I slept.

So, two movies that n some ways, in these later years of my life, that kinda "struck a chord", was two movies that probably many of you think was shit, or at least not worthy of you being disturbed in any way, shape, or form. As I heard, most thought it was "hyped shit" *unquoted*.

It was; As Above So Below. I know myself to be a non-claustrophobic earlier in my life, really. I have done some speleology caving. Not to cramped, but quite some crawling. I dindt have any sort of phobia then, but years after I kinda developed a sort of claustrophobia. I was chasing around, underground, and every way when I tried to squeeze through felt rocks pressing down on me. I don't know were it came from, but anyway, I got this claustrophobia. I don't know, but it might have come from a guy I knew who was in the navy, and was a Corporal I think, on a submarine. He said, during training, they had to do some shit that really triggered his dormant claustrophobia, (and what from what he told me I dont blame him). But anyway, a few years later the Kursk-incident happened, when a Russian sub went down and some hundred sailors drown.

Well, I digress; this claustrophobia i "developed" really came from a set of lucid dreams I had under a year or two, and many of they was from me being deep underground, chasing along, seeking a way out of an underground maze, and every time when I thought I was near my "escape", I was pressing through some really tight places underground, and I "saw" my escape, but just when I was about to "get out" the rocks just came down on me, and I "did"; and awoke. So when I saw this movie; As Above So Below, many of the scenes in the movie was almost the exact scenes from my semi-lucid nightmares. So, because of that, this kinda "silly" movie kinda "speaks to me" when it comes to horror.

The other movie, that made me feel kinda uncomfortable was; It Follows. I hade this kinda semi-lucid dream for a while when I was chased (no big surprise - 8 out of 10 nightmares is a chasing kind), but anyway, I had these semi-lucid nightmares for a stretch of times (3-4 months) almost the same thing, and it was kinda wearing me down, and I felt, at the end, like I was kinda exhausted of "running", and felt out of options and "stamina", since I had this chasing-shit doing me in, in my dreams. So, at one point, in my dream, I just STOP, stood there, and turned around and said to; "the-monster-of-the-day"; STOP!!!...FUCK OFF, don't have any power over me!!!
I remember he looked at me, and grinned...and then he started chasing me. But, when I woke up that day, it felt different, and the next night this chasing nightmare was gone....
But, this movie; It Follows, reminds me of these dreams, with an TOTALLY relentless, "not-giving-up-what-so-ever-come-hell-or-high-water" entity come after you.....forever!

"Reality" is always more scarier than the movies.

Here is a clip from; It Follows

PS: Reading through this rambling ( slightly tipsy) I realized I didn't get to the point I was set out to making....
Well...another time..
. Wink
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A quote from the author Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Idiot; : in the movie It Follows

"…Think! When there is torture there is pain and wounds, physical agony, and all this distracts the mind from mental suffering, so that one is tormented only by the wounds until the moment of death.

But the most terrible agony may not be in the wounds themselves but in knowing for certain that within an hour - then within ten minutes - then within half a minute - now at this very instant – your soul will leave your body and you will no longer be a person, and that is certain;- .......the worst thing is that it is certain."

The Idiot,

/ Dostoevsky.
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