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Installing latest version of MyAlerts: be warned of possible glitches
Trying to get the MyAlerts plugin to display more alert types than just Likes, I'm going to install the latest version. If something goes wacky with the alert system, that's why. Will do my best to avoid problems.
Well, nothing's changed - Likes are still the only category of alert - so it's time to file an issue on GitHub.
Here's the issue for those who want to follow it: No alert types other than "Likes" (have integrated with the "Thank You/Like System" plugin).
A big thank you to the author of the MyAlerts plugin who solved our problem (see the GitHub issue at the above link). All alert types should be shown to members now. If you want to edit your alert type preferences, please go here (or to go there manually, click on "User CP", then (in the left sidebar) click on "Alert Settings").
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