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Happy New 2018 Year!!!
Hello everyone,

I wish happy New Year 2018 to everyone who is here.

Our new forum was born only a few months ago, as our own communal creation. And we have already done a lot, including making several interviews with researchers in the areas of consciousness studies and science studies. I can be proud that my efforts played a notable part in these sucesses, as well as the ones of Roberta. I encourage others to follow our steps!

I'm sure the next year will see more intersting discussions, more interviews - and more new members.

Good luck to us all here!

From Russia with love, Vortex.

[Image: smeshnaya-otkrytka-s-novym-godom-2018.jpg]
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Happy New Year to everyone, guys. This new forum seems like a success, it's dynamic and interesting, a lot of old friends, too Big Grin
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