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Ghost - He Is    (Live @ The Grammis 2016)

I find these theatrics, and the work they put into it, kinda fascinating.

I'm not really into this whole dark occultist devilworshiping-thing -  and neither are they actually. They are all just showcasing, and that's all. But they are pretty impeccable in using the right theatrics, props, looks, dressing, believability, and dedication, to produce this meld of 70'ish melodic hardrock, and a sort of feel of Rosemarys Baby, Omen, Night Of The Demon (1957), Jacques Tourneur, Polanski, H.P Lovecraft, and other 60's-70's occult horror movies, mixed together with music. And it is this play, that they put on, that is intriguing.

They started out in their debut, deliberately with these medieval monk costumes, robes, and face masks. To illustrate how the occult groupings in the medieval period looked like, to protect their identity - even to each others at time. It also reminds of the costumes worn by devil worshippers in the movie Crimson Rivers 2

Then, as an development in their theatrics, they moved on to these ordinary black clothings with the expressionless face masks often used by aristocrats concealing themselves in carnivals, balls, gatherings - and used for committing infidelity - or in any general meetings, where anonymity must be kept. Like an occult gathering. And also; the use of those white gaiters on their shoes, that was popular in that time period. It is an developing showpiece they are working themselves through - as the music, theatrics, and "storytelling", develops.
They explained the early concept like it was the theatrical extension of like how they would have liked to have seen bands like early Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, and Demon - but taking it to the next step, into a full play of it - on stage. Something which these early bands didn't do. They implied it, in their music, somewhat, but they didn't take the theatrical-step, (so to speak), to their shows.

I remember when I saw this video, thinking they were the "run of the mill devil-worshipers", but the realise they were an exceptionally stage performances and musicians., In its simplicity they do some great riffs, and they know exactly to play on the gimmick of being a "devil-worshipping", ...and everyone bought it.They even got a Grammy for it...

This chick. lunaOblivion has mad her own music videos for all their songs and they are really well made and quite exceptional. Do you recognize which movies the clips from?
The first one is from the futuristic flick from 1927 [url= ' A bit like BladeRrunner....

Was This The Reason For Stanley Kubrick's Untimely Death?

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