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Apparitions, Hauntings & Poltergeists Text Resources Thread
Please post links to text files (journal papers, Web articles, etc.) here.
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Parapsychologist Bryan Williams of the Psychical Research Foundation has recently posted an article about the Johnson haunt case:

Here's a short excerpt from the article:

Quote:In 1987, Doretta and Ron Johnson purchased a stretch of property in Indiana which contained a home and a small vacant motel. Upon moving in with their two children, they began experiencing various kinds of haunt-related phenomena in the home such as apparitions, phantom sounds suggestive of hum an presence (e.g., slamming doors, voices singing or speaking unintelligibly), flowery scents
and foul odors, cold spots, spontaneous fires, and objects seeming to move about on their own. The family would suffer from bouts of ill health, and open, bleeding scratches would occasionally appear on the skin of Mrs. Johnson and the children. Similar kinds of haunt-related phenomena had also been reported by previous owners of the property.

Williams has also posted a very short summary of the case on his blog, along with a link to an episode from the old TV series Sightings:


(To preserve their anonymity, the Johnsons are introduced as the "Kings" in the Sightings episode.)

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